Officers & Committees

Hope Alfaro - President

Michelle Friedman - Treasurer

Krysta Sjogren- Secretary

Lindsey Weigman - Special Projects Vice President

Shanaye Ellison - Teacher Vice President

Rebekah Layton - Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Vice President

Nomination Committee: Rebekah Layton (chair), Jessica Simo, Ayesha Chaudhuri, Doneatha Green, Shanaye Ellison

Audit Committee: Kathleen Nevins, Shanna Weaver

Other Committees include:

Exceptional Children; Latinx Family Group; Parents of African American Children (PAAC); Fundraising Committee; Membership Committee; Teacher & Staff Support Committee; Communications Committee; Family Missions Committee; and Members At Large

Please e-mail us at durhamparkwoodpta@gmail.com if you'd like more information about committees and/or becoming an officer.